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The Arthur G. Russell Company to Acquire Bodine Automation

Technology from DTE (Detroit Tool & Engineering)

"The acquisition brings together two iconic brands, each pioneering many of automation's most notable advances," said Robert Ensminger, CEO of Arthur G. Russell. "AGR and Bodine will retain their distinctive brands to preserve their rich history and strengths in the marketplace."

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Medical Devices
Medical Devices
The Arthur G. Russell Company has built hundreds of machines for the assembly of medical products such as syringes and blood collection tubes. One of the most critical aspects of syringe assembly is the handling of sharp needles.

Needles are produced in many different sizes and must be handled with absolutely no damage to the sharp point. The device you see operating here is one station of a large in-line syringe assembly machine.

Consumer Products
Consumer Products
The Arthur G. Russell Company has designed and built hundreds of custom machines for assembly and testing. We choose the best chassis for the application.

The Arthur G. Russell Company can provide complete systems which include adhesive application and curing, ultrasonic and spin weld, high speed inspection, labeling and filling and provide the integration required for

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