Machine Vision
The Arthur G. Russell Company has built hundreds of machines for the assembly of medical products such as syringes and blood collection tubes. One of the most critical aspects of syringe assembly is the handling of sharp needles. Needles are produced in many different sizes and must be handled with absolutely no damage to the sharp point. The device you see operating here is one station of a large in-line syringe assembly machine. Needles and plastic parts are fed, assembled, glued and inspected with vision systems on a typical assembly machine. It is standard for us to completely assemble and inspect 800 or more parts per minute of a typical needle product. On the station below, needles are loaded into a hopper and transferred by vacuum to the wheel shown on the right.
At the bottom of the wheel, needles are transferred to a belt to be presented to a vacuum pickup head. This servo driven assembly provides extremely accurate and high-speed handling of needles. Once the needles have been picked up, they are rotated 90 degrees and inserted into the plastic hubs of the syringes. After they leave this station, glue is applied to each hub-needle assembly and the glue is cured using ultraviolet light. Vision inspections follow along with the addition of other parts of the product, followed by final vision inspection and offloading. We have extensive experience in high-speed assembly of all types of medical products as well as a thorough understanding of FDA requirements for medical product assembly.


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